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This is where you can find my clothing line which is more of a creative outlet and promo stuff I dig. Hope you dig it too!





Booms in both economics and population have turned the Dallas Metroplex into a Texas-sized crate of records from every genre imaginable: a mix of styles and tastes begging to be shuffled together by the right hands. It’s a task so daunting, it has beaten most DJs into submitting to a single, monotonous style – but it’s a challenge DJ Inzo has accepted in stride. Dallas born and raised, Inzo has spent more than a decade behind the wheels of steel, continuously pushing the limits of musical mash-ups and boundaries. Originally an expert in electronic, this club rocking fixture broke into hip-hop when he felt local sound boys were killing the funk in a not-so-soft manner. Now, with a rap sheet of residencies and appearances too long to list, the

audio-mixologist has mastered a tireless blend of rock, rap, pop and electronic, guaranteed to give even the most dance-resistant head in the house something they can move to. Think you got him figured out? Just wait a track or two – you might never see what’s coming next until it hits you in the face. But don’t go thinking a little diversification means Inzo will be cuttin’ y’all any slack. After all, it is what got him here in the first place, homie!




Looking for some mixes and tunes to get you through the day from Inzo, well here you go. There is a lil bit of everything for everyone. Hope you enjoy.


I have always felt energy from urban landscapes. The architecture and the people who dwell in urban settings give off a wonderful vibe that I feed off of.


Here is where you can find some promo vids from my live sets and events I have played. Much more to come!